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Welcome to the new forum

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:35 am

Fit like,

A new forum was probably lang overdue since aberdeen-mad started going to the dogs a while ago, but fair play to those who stayed to the bitter end to try and salvage it even while the editor himself had buggered off and relocated to twitter.

This place may take some getting used to, but there's no intrusive advertising, it's easy to post yer pictures, smillies, and you can swear like fuck you cunts. Also an option to post polls, a DM option, and you can search the forum.

Will leave this thread open to introduce yersels, and post any comments/complaints/ideas for the forum.

The name - couldn't call it aberdeen-mad as I'm sure the Mad forums already have that name copyrighted, and even if they don't couldn't get a website address for it.


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